When to choose for therapy or coaching?

Would you like to know what makes you shine? Do you use your talents? Do you ask yourself: Who am I, What would I like to be? What is my dream job? How would I like to fulfill my life and how do I make the right decisions? Do you have lack of energy, exhaustion or any physical discomfort? Do you have phobias, are you depressed or do you behave in an unwanted manner? Do you feel you would like to make a change in your life in the positive direction? You are at the right place at Prana in Praktijk, for individuals and companies.

Coaching for: Work – Relation – Achieving goals – Communication – Social abilities – Personal development – Career choices – Developing talents – Personal effectiveness – Targeting – Self knowledge – Job choices – Making choices – Returning back to work

Therapy for: Losing weight – Quitting smoking – Self containment – Changing unwanted behaviour – Breaking patterns – Physical discomfort – Fears – Insecurity – Stress – Burn-out – Sleeping problems – Exhaustion – Depression – Recovery from illness – Anger – Sadness – Trauma – Relationship issues – Mourning – Emotional distress – Changing unwanted thoughts – Communication issues – Releasing emotional distress