Mission statement

Prana in Praktijk works on the bases of the visions by Milton Erickson, Richard Bandler, Anthony Robbins, Lucas Derks. Daphne van Goolen, the life coach, is a licensed NLP master of the Richard Bandler Method; Global NLP Training Institute in the United States. Prana in Praktijk works from the basis that you can reach your dreams with the right motivation. With direct and targeted communication combined with different methods you can reach your target in a comfortable and fun way.


  • Respect for the individual
  • Positive thinking
  • Being authentic
  • Creative methods
  • Personal accountability
  • Motivation

PRANA means life breath in the Sanskrit Language, which is subtle energy. This symbolizes the living power that one needs to live. Prana stands for physical and mental energy as the source of all knowledge. This life energy can flow when the physical and mental health are in balance.

P ractical usage of therapy

R esult driven coaching

ttention and involvement 

atural flexibility

pproaching the core

The core of Prana in Praktijk is coaching you to create space for your very own life energy, so that you can evolve from your knowledge and passion. The vital breath of life and energy is the very core of Prana in Praktijk.